Sunday, November 25, 2012

Updated Creativity Exercises and Games Presentation

I updated my popular post about creativity games and exercises (which some are calling class presentation games).  You can almost sit back and let me teach your class for one hour with this important lesson that I am passionate about!

Well, actually you'll need to be there to handle discussion and run the games.  But please take some time to consider this lesson.  We definitely need to teach more creativity in school, especially at the secondary levels!

The original post is here and I suggest you look it over to see all the details.  The information below is included in that post.

Just so it is available on the front page for a while, I also am including the new stuff here:

There are two videos below that you can play to present the information to your students, or you can watch my version and present it in your own way.

  • The first video could result in some notes and discussion with the class.  
  • The second part introduces a creativity exercise that you can run with them (stopping the video a few minutes to do the activity).  
  • Both parts have suggested presentation games that you can play with the class.

Links to the related games are also below.  If you don't use ActivInspire you can download a free "personal edition" from their website and play the games or you can make your own versions.

Here is part 1 of the presentation.  It covers the purpose of the activity and provides a definition of creativity.  

The presentation leads into two free classroom games I created.  You can find information about those here:

And here is part 2.  In this one I lead a couple of brainstorming activities and show what it means to make connections.  After those practice exercises the teacher could lead the class in one to three games, which are listed below.

Games for this part of the presentation are here, along with the rules:
Please let me know if you have questions or any good experiences with this lesson.  I hope to improve it over time.

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