Game Design

I love making games and it's exciting sharing the experience with students! Here are many of my posts relating to game design in the classroom. A few things to note:
  • Most of my personal experience has been with non-digital games, so these are usually not computer game design activities.
  • I am far more interested in big picture take-aways from game design activities than I am in the how-tos. Reflection on those take-aways is the key to making these valuable in content area classes.
  • I like to approach game design very realistically. It probably won't amount to a job, but there are things we can learn from even a little exposure to it. And it can be fun!

Game Design Exploration

This is my latest series for a game design activity suitable for many subjects and grades. It is based on a very simple game I created. Reflection on playtesting and the design process (Part 4) provides the real learning.

Game Design in the Classroom Series

I started this series so I could offer a classroom activity about designing a game in one hour. I ended up fleshing it out with three other articles.

How to Make Games

I made this two-part series a few years ago. I have learned a few things since then (including tech skills that would result in better tutorials), but I haven't had chance to update these. Both videos do have some good practical tips for creativity and developing ideas though.
I meant to do a third tutorial on publishing, but the options for publishing has exploded at a rate I haven't been able to keep up with!

Highlighting the work of friends

  • Dominic Crapuchettes - An interview with a talented and successful game designer I'm glad to call a friend
  • Kory Heath - Thoughts about another designer and friend who inspired my work

Other posts

For all the things I didn't include here, just search the Game Design label

If you have any questions or suggestions for other resources, please contact me.

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