Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How to make games of any type using my Game Idea Template

As you might imagine, I encounter a lot of students who want to make games. Most of them have ideas for the digital variety, but my experience in game design still leaves us a lot of common ground for discussion.

I have several resources on the blog about game design already, but I added one more today that means a lot to me. It is my Game Idea Template. 

I have written elsewhere about how I develop my game ideas in a notebook over time. This template is just my attempt to organize all the key components that usually end up in the notes. It can serve to remind the designer of essentials, but it also can prompt with questions to help him or her break new ground.

Because of my own interest in tabletop games, this lends itself to those kinds. I'm convinced it still has much to offer for someone (especially newcomers) creating any type of game. It is a working document and I'm continually taking input from other game designers. All comments are welcome.

Some other important resources on this site:
  • How to Make Games (Part 1) - It's in this video that I talk about keeping a design notebook and how I use it to develop ideas. It provides a good background for how to use the Game Idea Template.
  • How to Make Games (Part 2) - This second video focuses on playtesting and it can help a designer fill out that area of the Game Idea Template.
  • 8 Things I Emphasize in Game Design Lessons - This has practical tips and several links to other resources I've written or found helpful.

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