Comics with Google Tools

My Creative Comics with G Suite Apps presentation has been one of my most popular. I used to host the resources about the process and projects on this blog for free and many teachers found them useful.

But now that my daughter is heading into college, I could use a little money! I'm now selling an updated version on Teachers Pay Teachers for a low price. Check it out here!

Here is more information about the book:

Now you can bring that spark of creativity to any lesson or presentation without sacrificing hours of valuable class time. I tell you everything you need in my latest ebook, Creating Comics with Google Apps.

Speech Bubbles + Real Life Photos = Instant Fun! 

I took the tips I've learned from sharing this process with hundreds of teachers, updated the supporting resources, and I created this 32-page ebook to help teachers use these comics for fun projects in any grade or subject. It includes:

  • All the basics you and students need to know to make fun comics quickly and easily.
  • Suggestions for creative uses.
  • Final project ideas like ebooks, webcomics and video slideshows.
  • Tips for making them fit your needs and schedule.
  • Considerations for grading.

I gave this book away for free for about a year. I'm selling an updated version on Teachers Pay Teachers for a low price.

The new version includes some updated information on the video projects and a suggested rubric for scoring the projects.

Check it out here!

(And as a bonus, you'll also find a link to my free journal guide, 31 Days of Teaching Like an Artist if you want that ebook too.)

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