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Comics with Google Tools

Every summer I get the chance to share my Creative Comics with Google Tools presentation with teachers at conferences. It gives me a chance to update all the resources. Here are some new things I created this time around.

My Free Booklet
If you want everything in one convenient PDF, just sign up for my monthly newsletter on this page and I'll send you the link to a free download. It has all my tips, project ideas and links to my tutorials.

The Resource Page
Everything I share in the presentation (including the videos and links below) and more can be found on this new version of my website.

The Project
I reworked the three parts to the project we used to do with high school digital media classes.

The Tutorials
Here are six updated video tutorials showing the basics and several possible final products.

The basics

How to download the comic

Turning the slideshow into a virtual book with Flipsnack
**Be sure to see the note in the video about how to change the username in Flipsnack so it doesn't display a student's first and last name.

Using the Google Slides mobile app to import pictures or create the entire comic

Making a comic video using WeVideo
This first method for making a video is probably the more complex one, but it gives more control for zooming in and out and for transitions. Here's the outline for this video, so you can skip to any part you need:
  • Downloading slides as images  0:23
  • Accessing WeVideo and signing in  0:50
  • Creating a video and uploading your images  1:20
  • Building the video in the editor  2:22
  • Setting the timings of each frame  2:59
  • Using the Animation feature to zoom and pan  3:51
  • Adding transitions  4:54
  • Adding music  5:28
  • Finishing the video  6:10

Making a comic video using Adobe Spark
Adobe Spark is an extremely simple tool to use for video creation. There's even an easy way to add narration to your slides, so you can read the lines of the characters in your comic. Here's an outline of the video:

  • Downloading your images  0:19
  • Signing in at Adobe Spark  0:51
  • Starting a video project  1:25
  • Importing pictures and setting the timing  2:00
  • Brief note about adding narration  3:27
  • Choosing a theme and music  3:59
  • Sharing your video  4:32

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