Class Presentation Games

If you're looking for games to play at the start, end or during a presentation (which some call class presentation games), check out the pages linked from my menu above.

**Latest Game...Now Using Google Slides! - Click to see my most recent classroom creativity game.

Most of my games fall in two broad categories--Creativity games and Critical Thinking games.  Those pages are also accessible from the on the top of any page in this site. In both cases there are technology based versions and traditional paper and pencil versions.

Many of those same technology based games are listed on this page, but in other categories and subcategories.

These remaining versions games are Flipchart files for ActivInspire

I started making the tech based interactive classroom games with Promethean's ActivInspire software.  It can be downloaded for free for use on any computer system with a projector.

(There are probably several links for these games throughout this blog that point to Promethean Planet that are no longer active.  I am in the process of updating the site, but for now, you can download the games from the links below.)

My most popular games:
  • This or That? - This file had the most downloads.  It's an icebreaker activity for students of all ages.
  • Oh, Really! Back to School Edition - My second most popular game, it's based on Oh, Really!
  • Say Anything - This is a simple, open-ended game that allows students to exercise their imagination.
  • Split Decision - A creative game where students try to create the toughest options for the class to choose from.

These are my critical thinking classroom activities based on my game Oh, Really:
  • Basic game - This flexible version of the game allows the class to play in various ways in many subject areas.
  • Back to School Edition - Pre-selected items are geared toward introducing students, thinking of summer or getting back to the routine of school.
  • Government Edition - Content is appropriate for discussing topics in a government course.
  • Debate Edition - Items in this edition would work well for any debate club or speech class.
  • Vocations Edition - Words and questions in this game are chosen to focus on career planning and life goals.
  • Family and Consumer Science Edition - This set of words and questions focuses on budgets, spending  and other decisions.
  • Bible/Christian Edition - Items and questions in this game can get students thinking about the Bible and biblical values.

Games based on Wits & Wagers (by North Star Games):
Other games:

  • Say Anything:  Back to School Edition - The same simple creativity game listed above, but with some questions geared toward the start of school.
  • Nim and Ximo - This flipchart is based on the game of Nim.  My classes had a lot of fun with that game and some variations when I taught high school math.

Donations are definitely accepted!
If you find any of these flipcharts useful, please consider donating $1 to $3.  Any money I receive this way will be used in my district to purchase resources for technology integration. I and my students greatly appreciate your support!  I would love to hear how you use the resources too.

Terms of Use:  
You may download these files and use them in educational settings.  Content in the games can be modified as necessary for your lessons and you can share the files for free.  The information slide in each game that contains information about the published versions must remain in the flipchart file if you share it.  

These flipchart files may not be sold or used for commercial purposes.  The copyright for the artwork is owned by Mike Petty or the publisher of the games on which these activities are based and may not be modified or shared outside of the flipchart files.

All of these games were created with permission from the publisher of the physical board games.  If you and your students enjoy these games, please consider purchasing the actual games to support their work.


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    I am writing on behalf of the K12 Online conference committee. We have a strand on gaming and gamification this year and would love to see you submit a proposal for this.

    The call for proposals is here;
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    If you're not familiar with K12 Online, it's a free, completely online, volunteer-driven conference featuring 20 minute asynchronous video presentations. Feel free to email me if you have questions (karen at k12opened dot com).

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  2. Hi I am jus wondering what application would i need to download to see the games ?

  3. Hi!
    The first 4 games listed on this page should open in any browser, but I suggest using Google Chrome.

    The others use ActivInspire, which can be downloaded free from here: