Sunday, November 11, 2012

How to Make Games - Part 1 - Getting and Developing Game Ideas

"You might learn if you play a game, but you will certainly learn something if you design a game"
-Dr. Fred Goodman

We hear so much about game based learning, but I always like to think about how we can get students making games.  Don't forget that a board, card or computer game can be a great final product for project based learning.  Design concepts, system thinking and creativity are part of the learning process from start to finish when one makes a game.

If you or students want to learn some tips about game design, here's a new version of a lesson I posted a few months ago about how to make games.  I often get asked about how I get ideas or how to turn an idea into a published game.  I will share some of my best practical advice over the course of three videos in the weeks ahead.

Keep in mind:

  • Most of my experience is with designing board and card games.
  • My goal is to help anyone to take an idea and turn it into a playable game that people will enjoy.  It is not necessarily to help someone sell a lot of copies!

If you want to see all the things I have posted about creating games over the past year, click here to search for the Game Design label.  There are articles about creating and publishing several types of games.

If you have questions, please send them to me or comment below so I can improve these lessons.

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