Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh, Really! Games for the Classroom

I made the game that became Oh, Really! about ten years ago. It is based on the simple idea of ranking random items in order of importance. You can learn a lot about people by seeing how they rank things and that's where the fun of the game comes from. Do I know my friends as well as I think I do? Do they know me?

When I was teaching, I used the game as a warm-up activity for lessons on priorities and goals. The students loved it. During game club or when we had some extra time at the end of the hour we would play the card game too.

The Games for Promethean's ActivClassroom
When I saw the Sort in Order questions in ActivInspire for the Expressions, I knew right away Oh, Really! would work well as a flipchart activity. I put together the first version in the summer of 2010 and posted it. It contains all 200 cards from the game. (Permission was granted from the publisher, Find It Games, to use the artwork in these flipcharts.)

The original Oh, Really! game for the classroom can be downloaded here.

More recently I started doing the editions for specific classes. Each of these have sets of five pre-selected items that fit well with the indicated courses. Most words are straight from the original game, but some are modified to work best for the subject matter.

Oh, Really! game for Government class
Oh, Really! game for Family and Consumer Science classes
Oh, Really! game for Vocational and Career classes
Oh, Really game for Speech and Debate classes

All my games and activities for flipcharts can be found on this page.

And if you or some of your students are interested in the story behind how the game was created, I have an article here about how the original game grew from an Einstein quote to something played the world over.

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