Sunday, December 2, 2012

Updated Creativity Exercises - Some creativity games suitable for the classroom

I've been updating and compiling some of my creativity exercise resources.  My previous post about creativity exercises can be found here.  Below is an updated video to go with that post.

The video explains how to play games that are part of a free creativity game system that Kory Heath and I worked on several years ago.  One game that I made for the system, called Abe & Einstein, is used as an example.

After watching the video you'll be able to play that game and easily adapt it to fit a variety of content areas. (That's if you're using it in the classroom.  It's actually a great party game for a group of friends.)  

I included a slide at the end that highlights some other ways that I have adapted the game for the classroom.

Here's the video.  Below I have the links to related sites.
Related links:
The creativity game page on my blog where all teaching resources can be located  (Also accessible on the menu at the top of all pages on the site.)

Kory's site for the system, which he calls The Chicken Game System

My classroom presentation games on Promethean Planet, including Haiku games and Why Did the Chicken...? for the classroom

A Flash version of Why Did the Chicken...? that I made, hosted at Stencyl Arcade

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