Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top Resources in 2011

I started this blog in the summer as a way to highlight some resources I posted on Promethean Planet and to organize some other projects I knew would develop in the classes I'm teaching.

Of those on Promethean Planet, here are my most popular in terms of downloads.

#1: This or That? - This is based on my party game Take Your Pick. Being a great ice-breaker, most downloads for this activity took place in the weeks before and shortly after the start of school, but it continued to be popular for months. I am thrilled that so many teachers took an interest in it.

#2: Oh, Really! Back to School Edition - Obviously based on my Oh, Really! game, this edition was a last minute thought at the end of summer. Like the previous activity, this one took off in those weeks. Due to the title, it hasn't continued in popularity quite as much, but I think it is a great introduction to the original Oh, Really! classroom activity that can be adapted easily for any point in the year.

#3: Wits & Wagers - I'm actually counting the Life Science and U.S. History editions of this activity together as the #3 spot. As such, they actually beat out the Oh, Really! edition for downloads. The simple concept drew a lot of attention and I hope to create at least one more edition of this fun game in the early months of 2012.

As for lessons in class, the Interactive Holiday Game assignment drew more attention more quickly than any other. Some projects ended up on Promethean Planet and one of them had over 400 downloads by the time Christmas break reached most schools in the U.S. It was a lot of fun for many students who created the projects and for others who had a chance to play the resulting games. It also taught me some valuable lessons that I will highlight in my next post.

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