Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holiday Interactive Game Assignment

I have been working with the computer teacher at our high school to take students through a unit on creating interactive holiday games. Here is the page at Promethean Planet where we posted some results.

We started out by showing students how to use basic shapes in ActivInspire to create holiday graphics. This document shows the first images that we used.

After they practiced that for one class period, I showed them how to set the background color, how to use the Text tool and how to copy their graphics with the Camera

Then the next stage was to have them create some holiday slides. Here are the directions that we posted in Blackboard for that part of the assignment. It requires students to create a couple more graphics and then the slides in a flipchart.

I'll post the directions to the first round of simple games and I'll provide some samples in a day or two.

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