Saturday, December 3, 2011

Holiday Interactive Game Assignment - Part 2

For the next step in this assignment we required students to make a short, simple quiz game with three questions. Two could be multiple choice and the third had to be a number question. The directions we posted for this assignment are here.

Since students were at various points in this lesson on the day that some were ready to start part, I did nothing in the way of introduction other than tell them were to find the directions. I made myself available for questions and I helped them progress through the assignment that way.

We shared the best flipcharts from this part of the project with the elementary teachers. Since we kept them in the district, I allowed students to copy and paste from the internet as long as they cited their sources.

A half dozen good examples resulted from this, but we found students were confused about the differences between putting the questions and answers on the screen versus putting them in the Question Manager. It would have been simpler if the Question Manager worked like I think it is supposed to. As it is, we had questions and choices on the flipchart and we just set the number of options and the right answer in the Question Manager.

One thing I struggle with when making directions is that if I put an example early in the document, students will look at it and just forge ahead without reading the directions. If I don't put a detailed example there, though, they can't always get their brains around what the directions are telling them! I suspect the solution is to grade mercilessly with a clear rubric on all projects until they learn to read directions.

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