Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Interactive Game Assignment - Part 3

The final stage of this project is to create a Christmas or holiday game playable with ActivExpressions or AcdtiVotes. The directions are available here.

Two of the three sample games referred to in that document are available on Promethean Planet. I haven't finalized the third one yet.
Most students had little trouble transitioning from the second assignment to this final project. Many of them just did a quiz game with multiple choice questions. A few went with very creative games based on random draws and personal preferences. It has been encouraging watching some of them go well above the minimum requirements of the assignment.

I worked with students most days while they finished this project. Additional tips I taught to some students who wanted to use them were:
  • Using the Camera tool to take pictures of graphics created in other programs
  • Adding the Another Page action to link pages
  • Adding the Hidden action to make objects disappear to reveal other objects
I posted some of the best examples of the students' work here at Promethean Planet

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