Monday, September 10, 2012

New Math Game for ActivInspire - Factor Duel

I am trying something new with this fun math class presentation game for ActivInspire.  I made the game using Stencyl and embedded the Flash file in the flipchart.  The flash version is below too.

Also, be sure to check out my Quadratic Formula Video!

You can download the flipchart from here on Promethean Planet.

It was created with interactive whiteboards in mind, but two people can compete at one computer if they pass the mouse back and forth.  You can find it on the Stencyl Arcade here.

If you're just interested in seeing the Flash file, it's here:  Factor Duel

It is based on the game Juniper Green.  I actually never played that one with my students, but I was introduced to it early in my career by another teacher who claimed it was very popular in his classes.  I always wanted to create a more lively computer version that checked the students' moves.  I think this one accomplishes that well, but I noticed it can be sluggish on older systems.

In the way of credits, I created all the graphics, music and the game logic.  Some sounds were built from files I found at

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