Thursday, August 9, 2012

Creativity Game for Back to School - Another Say Anything flipchart

I created a back-to-school version of my popular Say Anything flipchart that I posted earlier in the summer.

This fun, new edition can be downloaded here.  It is a flipchart file for Promethean's ActivInspire software.

Say Anything is a great game from North Star Games that lets students think outside of the box.  In this adaptation for the classroom I picked some questions that would be good to talk about when returning to school after summer break.

For my flipcharts based on published games I try to stick with questions or content from the boxed games.  In this case, the questions work well, but you can easily modify them to better fit your school or students.  Additional questions are included on the second to last slide.

Remember that the Say Anything activities are simple exercises for creativity that provide an excellent introduction to the other creativity games I have featured on this site.  Consider starting the year off with this one, then continuing each week or so with another activity.

Some flipcharts are still being recovered after the move from Promethean Planet, so just contact me if you're looking for something you can't easily find.

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