Thursday, July 19, 2012

Note about my interactive games on Promethean Planet

I submitted a request this week to remove most of my game flipcharts from Promethean Planet.  There was a problem with the terms of use and it was my fault for not looking into it fully before posting them.  The folks at Promethean Planet were helpful, so I appreciate that.

I will continue to use their site to host my own flipchart games (those not based on games from other publishers) and to announce any new flipcharts.

For now, most of my flipcharts can be found on the new Games page I added to this blog.

I will be updating links throughout this blog so that they direct to the correct locations, but for now most links in other posts will be broken.

At the moment it looks like they actually removed all my resources from Promethean Planet.  That complicates things further, but I'm hoping they restore the other ones soon.  I don't know how long it will take them to clear that up, but if at any point you can't find a resource you are looking for, just contact me at

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