Monday, April 2, 2012

Creative Classroom Game - Why Did the Chicken...? and Video App Too

This post serves two purposes.  First, I wanted to highlight Why Did the Chicken...?.  It's a terribly simple, fun classroom game that lends itself to creativity.  I played it with many students over the years and we had a ton of laughs with it.  I mentioned it in my previous post as a game that came out of some work that I did with the designer, Kory Heath.

Also, this video was created with the Videolicious app for iPad.  It's a great little tool for making video reports that are 50 seconds or less.  Take some pictures or video, then record yourself talking about it.  The app takes care of the rest.  It is great fun for free.  I can see it coming in handy for quick reports for student news.

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