Sunday, February 21, 2016

Using Google Tools for Classroom Creativity Games

A couple weeks ago I wrote about a creativity game template I made in Google Slides. (Read that post for details on how the games are played with a class.) Making the games in this flexible tool should allow a lot more teachers to take advantage of what they offer.

Now I'm going a step further and showing how to run the entire game with Google tools. These are the ones I'll be using:
  • Google Slides for the game template
  • Google Docs for the contestants to submit their responses to the teacher
  • Google Forms for the class to vote on their best response
  • Google Classroom for getting the Form out to the class when it's time to vote
I'll explain the process with two videos. The first shows how to prepare to play.

And this second video shows how to run a round of the game with the class. 

Note: In case it wasn't clear from the video, the responses I copied from the three shared documents would be written by the contestants after they see the prompt for the round. They would each have their document open on a Chromebook or other device. When they're done, you copy and paste them into the slideshow so the class can see them for a vote.

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