Thursday, October 10, 2013

Draft of our sample math video

As I have posted previously, I'm working with our upper elementary music teacher to create math music videos.  It's all part of a MACUL grant I wrote over the summer based on this project from last year.

This week I finished a rough draft of our song about perimeter and area.  It is posted below.  The topic was identified by one third grade teacher as a skill students struggle with.  I know even from my years in a high school math class that students would get the two formulas backwards.

I wrote the simple words for the chorus and Crystal Owen, the music teacher, made up the melody.  We recorded her singing with Audacity using the USB microphone we received from the grant.

I uploaded that to and created a few versions of the background tracks.  From there, I added my spoken parts and mixed it all using GarageBand on the iPad.

For the video I used Explain Everything for the animated parts and Doodle Buddy with Pixlr for the images.  We will continue to improve the song and the video in the weeks ahead.

We are looking at mid-November for starting the project with fifth graders making similar songs and videos for younger students.

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