Sunday, February 3, 2013

Creativity Exercise for Creative Writing: A game about making stories for movies

I'm really excited about this project.  Here's a draft of the rules and components for a creativity exercise in the style of other games I have posted.  In this one players develop short movie trailers as they explore what makes a powerful story.

Right now the game is low tech.  Three to five players will play in a social/party game format.  We have had a lot of fun with it in testing and I will be glad to hear any feedback on the rules or how the game plays.

In this game, a story is summed up as a character who wants something and overcomes obstacles to get it.  Players create each element of that simple definition and then they make a title and tagline for their movie.  Since it develops a step at a time and it's only a rough outline, it plays out with the fun and hints of action or drama like a great movie trailer ending with the movie title and tagline.

As an example, here's how Star Wars might look in the game:

Luke works on a farm on a desert planet.
He longs for adventure and a part in the galactic battle for freedom.
His uncle wants him home, he’s untrained and his dream seems like a boy’s fantasy.
Star Wars - May the force be with you

Because of how the story is created by the players during the game, the movies usually end up being humorous in nature.  It's makes for a very fun exercise that reinforces the key elements of all great stories.

My plan is to make an online version like my Classroom Creativity Game.  Furthermore, it will be an activity in the lesson plans I am developing based on Donald Miller's Storyline book and conference.  Through it, students learn to view their lives as stories and clarify their passion and purpose.

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