Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Classroom Creativity Game - Why Did the Chicken...?

As I posted a few days ago, here's a computer version of the creativity game Why Did the Chicken...?, originally designed as a party game by Kory Heath.

The format of this game is similar to many of the classroom creativity games I have featured on this site.  This one just lets everyone play on the computer.  It could be a fun warm-up or wrap-up exercise after one of the flipchart games based on that system.

Check out the page and please share the link with other teachers.

If you like it, let me know and I'll put a few other of the creativity games into this format.

And while I'm at it, here's a reminder about my Mythology Edition of Why Did the Chicken...? in flipchart format.  It's been my most popular classroom activity this summer from Promethean Planet.

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