Friday, May 4, 2012

Video for Creativity Games - Rules for Abe & Einstein

My recent post on games based on creativity exercises has been popular, so I made a short video explaining the game system in general.  As an example, I also explained how to play my creativity game, Abe & Einstein, in more detail.  It is definitely one of the most fun games a group can play with nothing more than some paper and pencils.

I used this definition of creativity in the video and I think the game models that perfectly:
Creativity - Coming up with new ideas that have value*

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I neglected to mention in the video that the game can be modified to fit content areas easily.  For example, in a literature class the teacher could create half of the names for each group drawing from stories the students read in class.

*In the future I will probably include the expression of the ideas in the definition of creativity.

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