Thursday, April 19, 2012

Interactive Game Assignment 2 - Career Quizzes

Last winter I worked on an interactive game project with high school students where they created Christmas games using ActivInspire.  We modified the assignment for the second semester and based the quiz games on careers.

Here's a list of the parts of the assignment with links to my sample resources.

  • Intro to ActivInspire - I didn't create a file for this.  I just showed the class how to make some basic art.
  • Title and Template Pages - Students were required to create more art and make some pages in ActivInspire.
  • Career Questions - They were required to write10 questions related to their career or career planning in general.
  • Final Game Flipchart - They put everything together into an interactive flipchart for the final step.
The flipcharts are being added here as we upload them.  You'll find examples from the Christmas games there too.

In other flipchart news, my own games are posted on this page at Promethean Planet.  Here are some points to note:
  • My most downloaded game is This or That? and it will likely pass 2,000 downloads this week.  It's a personal milestone. 
  • My Oh, Really! flipcharts have been downloaded over 3,000 times in all.  The original will probably pass 1,000 downloads this week.  Again, the numbers are not as high as many other flipcharts on Promethean Planet, but it is great to know the games have reached many teachers and students.
  • And I posted a Jeopardy flipchart a few weeks back that a friend made.  It contains 17 trivia questions based on Romeo and Juliet.  I helped with some of the technical aspects of setting it up. 
And I was experimenting with Animoto and the pictures I took for this project...

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