Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blurb Mobile for Digital Storytelling

Someone pointed out Blurb Mobile to me yesterday as a possible app for digital storytelling. I really like it so far.  Presentations can be created from pictures and one video.  The limits on the number of pictures or videos can be changed by paying for the full version.

Most interesting to me is that it plays the presentation in two ways.  One plays the audio and then the user can flick through the pictures manually.  The other converts it to a video that plays each picture an equal time throughout the length of the audio clip.

After using other apps I have talked about, here are some thoughts...

I still really like Storyrobe, but the resolution can be bad if you play the movies full screen on a computer. Also, the fact that the pictures have to be in landscape (or they get cropped) is unfortunate. We found out this week if the iPad gets tipped while taking pictures the picture turns out in portrait even though we had the iPad turned for landscape. If you can live with those, this is still my favorite for simplicity and being able to control when the pictures change.

Videolicious - Still love it. I just wish you could time the images.  I will be putting together some short reports on classroom projects in the next long as I can convince the teachers to narrate!

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