Saturday, September 3, 2011

Free Game Giveaway and Back to Work

There's a chance I'll move the free game giveaway to another site and extend it, but I'll still give a game to a winner as described in the original post. If you haven't entered, check it out. It is free and takes about 1 minute.

Work officially started this week, so that accounts for the lack of posts. It's been hectic, but I have remembered how much I love Jing the past few days. It is indispensable for the work I do communicating with text and images.

Beyond that, I'm working two to four technology classes this year, so I hope to have plenty to highlight in the weeks ahead.

I did put up an Oh, Really! flipchart for Christian education. I figure it will be my least popular on Promethean Planet, but I think it has value. A new, exciting project will be tested within the week and I hope to post it by next weekend. If it goes as well as I hope it should be a good series.

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