Monday, January 29, 2018

Reflecting on our student video tutorial project so far

Brenda June and I sat down last week to talk about our Room 10 Learning Chats project. It's the grant funded project I posted about previously, where students and teachers are creating learning videos. We will report about it at MACUL in early March.

I recorded our conversation and uploaded an edited version to SoundCloud. You can listen to it all or just pick the separate sections below. Each section is about five minutes long.


  • Part 1 - Overview of the project and some initial insights
  • Part 2 - What we've learned as we continued working through the process
  • Part 3 - Putting more motivation into the project using Prodigy and our value of watching their videos
  • Part 4 - Our Learning Journey video series, thoughts on branding, growth mindset, our next steps and the positive difference it has made.

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