Thursday, January 18, 2018

Free Resources and New Videos

This free digital poster for teachers is one of the resources on our Room 10 Learning Chats blog.
One of the free digital posters we created for our
MACUL grant project.
Brenda June and I have been working a lot on our Learning Chats project (funded by a MACUL grant). We posted some free resources and new videos on our site, so I would like to give some updates here. (And click here to listen to our conversation about the project.)

Please consider sharing these resources to encourage our students! I want them to know their work is being viewed. Also, your feedback will help us improve.

Free Resources

As Brenda and I work with students, we get many new ideas and we come across some from other thought leaders. We started making some classroom signs and I uploaded them as "digital posters" on our Room 10 Learning Chats site. You can find them on our Free Resources page.

Along with the signs, there are links to a Google Slides presentation and one editable version of a digital poster like the one shown above.


We added more videos that we created and some by the students. This one is the second part in the Learning Journey series that Brenda and I created. (Update: Here's the 3rd video too.)

And here is an example of a video I created with students. These girls did a good job. I added a few "questions to consider" within the video that are meant to explore some areas that weren't explained as clearly as I would have liked. 

Remember that if you access the videos from our Room 10 video page, you'll find questions to answer before viewing too.

We also have a link on that page where you can leave feedback about the videos you watch there.

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