Saturday, October 8, 2016

Announcing My Game Design Project Packs

This week I went live with my game design project pack website. You can check it out at

The project packs are collections of resources that help students make fun, simple games based on your lessons. Some key features are:
  • Through group discussion and individual reflection, students will explore the class content in order to apply its themes to a simple, novel game.
  • Creative teachers and students can use the project in many subjects, but they work best as creative projects for social studies and language arts.
  • The games are non-digital, so you won't lose class time while students learn to program a computer.
  • All resources are created in Google Apps, so it's easy to assign and students can collaborate on the games.
  • The project is very flexible. Teachers can focus on the game design process as much or as little as they want.
Right now I have two project packs, both of which appeared on this blog in two series of posts. I plan to add at least two other packs by the end of the month.

Another part of the site I'm excited about is this page designed for students. It offers several resources for those who want to dig deeper into game design.

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