Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Quick Start Tech Projects for Any Class

After two years of helping a lot of teachers get started with different tech projects, I finally got smart and combined the many existing tech project resources I've created.

My goal was to save time for teachers. Having everything in one document (or at least linked from one document) can cut out a lot of emails or our initial planning meetings, since now they can find these documents on one single webpage.

Instead of taking me out of the picture, it allows them to ask me the questions that are most relevant to their class a lot more quickly

Each of these "Tech Project Packs" focuses on one type of final product, like a blog or an audio recording. It answers important questions such as:
  • What is this type of project best for?
  • What tools are needed?
  • What are some common challenges?
  • What tutorials do you have for it?
  • What should I include in the directions?
  • How can we share it beyond the classroom?
We are a Google Apps for Education district and most students are using Chromebooks.

Here are four packs to start with. More will be added in the upcoming week. 
  • Images with Text - A very quick project that can be adapted to any subject
  • Infographics - Create informational "digital posters" with Piktochart
  • Blogs - Good for getting started using Blogger
  • Audio Recordings - A simple process for creating audio recordings on a Chromebook or laptop
If you have any suggestions or requests or if you see problems with the documents or links, please let me know.

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