Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Way of the Google Drive - Thoughts and Tools to Inspire Deep Learning

Next month I'll be presenting a session at the 2015 miGoogle conference in Brighton, Michigan. Jake Gentry, a friend and colleague, will be presenting with me.

Our session is called The Way of the Google Drive. It's a reference to note a student gave me when he thanked me for telling his class about the power of technology for learning and creating like never before.

To build some hype and to refine our thoughts, I'm going to be blogging about the underlying ideas every day throughout October. Most of it will be a better fit for my Teaching Like an Artist blog (here's the list of posts tagged with The Way of the Google Drive), but I'll post some items on this blog as well.

For now, here is our session description:

A student with a computer and a Google account has access to the most powerful tools in the world for learning, connecting and creating. In this session we will explore some big ideas about inspiring students to use those tools to reach their dreams and potential. 

All concepts will be grounded in practical applications useful in all subjects or grades. I'll demonstrate creative presentation options like comics, narrated slideshows and music videos. We will also look at several tools that can take any student project to a wider audience. 

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