Monday, October 5, 2015

Six-Word Memoir Photos on a Chromebook

A popular assignment in our English 11 class is the Six-Word Memoir Photo project. In it, students take a picture of themselves, add six words to it that describe them, then the teacher compiles all the photos into a video slideshow.

This year I made a short tutorial that shows how students can complete the entire process on a Chromebook using Pixlr Express. Pixlr Express is my favorite app for editing photos because it works on so many devices. As I say in the video, the process is very similar if using phones or tablets as long as students download the Pixlr Express and Google Classroom mobile apps.

Here's a link to the document that we attached to the assignment in Classroom. It has the links I refer to in the video.

This project is a perfect example of how simple tools let the good ideas, personality and creativity shine through. You don't have to lose a class period dealing with the how-to of the process and students love expressing themselves in this way.


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