Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Learning and Creating Like Never Before

Here's another wrap-up of some posts from my Teaching Like an Artist blog. I'm in the middle of the series of daily posts leading up to my conference session The Way of the Google Drive.

My most popular post from the last week is Art and Risk. Uncertainty adds to the excitement. What does that say about the routine of school?

The shortest post - a list of five things that help me know I'm on the right track with teaching.

I also finished up this video trailer for our conference session. Jake and I were trying to be epic. If nothing else, it answers the question of where I got the title for the conference. It has a few of my favorite one-liners.

I hope to finish one more video in the next week that is more down to earth and that includes contributions from our other co-presenter.

I'm doing a challenge this month to post on one of my blogs every day. It's in preparation for my conference session, The Way of the Google Drive. Be sure to follow me on Twitter or on either blog to keep up with the "thoughts and tools to inspire". 

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