Monday, August 31, 2015

Google Classroom updates as seen by teacher and students

In preparation for some training, I recorded this video showing what the teacher and student sees in Google Classroom*. It's really easy to adjust to Google's latest updates, but it especially helps to know what the students will see.

I like the changes on the students' side of the Assignment page. Now it's all one page (no more Instructions and Your Work). It also has only one button to Add any attachments now. It's quite streamlined and intuitive.
Here are the main parts of the video by time in case you want to jump to something in particular:
  • Setting up your Class 0:20
  • Adding yourself to a Class as a student 2:15
  • Adding an Assignment to a Class (including information on different types of attachments) 3:09
  • Opening the Assignment and completing it as a student 5:40
  • Accessing and grading the Assignment 9:25
  • How a returned assignment looks to the student 10:38
  • An overview of the other items a teacher can add to the Stream 11:20

*I also updated these tipsheets because of the recent changes:

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