Sunday, October 5, 2014

Comic Assignment with Google Drawings

Back in April I posted about using Google Drawings to make comics. Since then, I've had a chance to use it in a couple settings. Below I'm linking to the latest assignment I created for our high school Digital Media class.

First, here's the outline:

  • We took pictures of two students who posed with a few emotions.
  • The pictures were uploaded to a shared Google Drive folder where students could access them.
  • The rest of the class looked at the pictures and planned their original stories.
  • Using the process shown in a video tutorial, students added word bubbles and thought bubbles to make comics.
You can view a copy of the assignment here. It has a link in the assignment to the shared folder of pictures and the video tutorial.

Follow-up assignments will show the students how to turn the images into an ebook and a video version of their stories. Those additional steps will appear here on the blog after we use them in class.

The Tutorial
If you want to see the video tutorial that shows how to create the comics, it's here. Note that this was for our students, so I refer to the teacher by name in one part. If you're using it in class, just explain your students would share it with you.

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