Friday, July 25, 2014

Google Tools for Teachers - Virtual summer PD, because tech waits for no one

Our high school is getting Chromebooks this fall, so I have been doing weekly technology professional development sessions for any teachers that want to get a jump on learning. The Google Apps for Education domain in our district will be new to them, so I made a series of videos, pointed out some existing tutorials and suggested practice that should take about 15 - 30 minutes for each session.

The videos I made have some content related specifically to our domain, but the features will work the same way with any Google account. The only difference is we restrict sharing to only accounts within our domain. If your admin doesn't restrict it or if you just have a standard Google account, you won't have the same limitations that I refer to at some points.

Here are the sessions:

Session 1:  Overview of Drive

Session 2:  Creating, editing and commenting on Google Docs (This session has a document to use for exercises, but it's only shared in our domain. You can use this copy of the document instead when you get to that part.)

Session 3:  Creating and posting assignments (I use Edmodo as the example, but the process will be similar for any classroom management system you use.)

Session 4:  Using Forms for feedback and assessment

Session 5:  Google Slides overview

Session 6:  Google Calendar overview (This one is based exclusively on videos from others sources.)

Session 7:  Making a simple website with Google Sites

Session 8:  Chrome Apps and Extensions for Education

Session 9:  Chromebook basics

Comments and feedback are very welcome so I can improve this series.

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  1. Thank you for this resource...definitely needed with the new Google Classroom.