Sunday, December 15, 2013

Free game for holiday fun - The Game of Christmas Cheer

Here's a print and play version of a game I made with my wife and kids a few years ago. It is a very simple "push your luck" family game filled with some of the best and the most stressful moments of the holiday season.

This will be fun for families, but it could also be used in Sunday school classes or in schools. (It has one card about "the true meaning of Christmas" that some won't want to use in a classroom setting. This was important to our family and our original project.)

More than just as a game to play in school, though, it could also be a great exercise for older students design their own cards or possibly add a completely different theme to it.  Rule changes can also be introduced to make a very different game.

To play, you need to print 10 cards, preferably on cardstock, and cut them out. The game also requires a die, a pawn and 10 chips (pennies or other counters will work) per player. If six players are playing you only need 8 chips per player.

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