Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Week Three of the Smart Jams Music Video Project - Music Video Planning Sheet

This was a short week, since we are off for a few days for Thanksgiving. We met with all four classes once. Most groups finished writing their songs and began practicing with basic beats.

As I started last week, I showed more students how to make a beat with Smart Drums on the iPad. Crystal worked with most groups to help them rap or sing the lyrics to the beat. We both knew it would be hard for many of them to feel the rhythm, but in a few cases it has been more of a challenge than I expected! I'm getting better at directing them during recording.

I recorded three groups this week and I'm working on putting their vocal tracks to a full music track over the next few days.

I also gave a few groups this Music Video Planning Sheet. It aids in planning the visuals that will be displayed over three repetitions of their chorus. Even though no one is really ready to start recording video, by having this sheet ready we were able to keep all groups working even though not everyone could be practicing with Crystal or recording with me.

Hopefully I'll have some sample audio recordings to show off soon!

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