Friday, June 28, 2013

Music video projects for church camp

My wife helps at girls week at the local Christian camp.  She wanted to offer my music video project (which I've written about extensively here) as an option for the interest groups.  I think the project transitioned very well to that setting.

First I had my daughter make a song in the format we were planning, then my wife made one as well, just so she could see all the parts of the process.

Our outline was:
  • Do some reflection and read some Psalms to find an idea for your praise/worship chorus.
  • Pick one verse or short passage to read in the song.
  • Make up a melody and record it in GarageBand.  (At camp this ended up being done in a hot van to block out background noise!  Not ideal, but I thought the girls did a great job with it.)
  • Import the mp3 file into and make adjustments until you're happy with it.
  • Download a few versions of it including just background music, one with vocals and one as instrumental.
  • Mix the various tracks in GarageBand.
  • Make the final video.
My wife made her video in Video Star for iPad (with help from me as the camera person and I added the title at the start in iMovie).  It is an easy way to go.  For my daughter's, we used still pictures and put them into a video using iMovie on the iPad.

At the camp, only one group selected the music video project.  We ended up taking many pictures and video clips, so I compiled them on my home computer in the evenings.  I also experimented with some drum loops in GarageBand on my daughter's Mac.  I really liked what I could achieve between UJam and GarageBand on the computer.  

Because of privacy concerns I won't show the girls' video, but I made a simple lyric video just so you could hear the final result.  

My daughter's video:  (This was the first time I could get her to sing!  I liked her voice and I hope this will help draw her out of her shell.)

My wife's video:

The lyric video of the original song they created at camp:

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