Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fast, Simple Video for the Classroom - Drive and WeVideo

I can't remember how I came across this, but I saw a post recently that pointed out the Google Drive iPad app will take photos and video directly from the camera.  I didn't notice that before, but it makes for some quick, easy video capture from the iPad and transfer to a computer.

To go directly to Drive, it's this easy from the + symbol in the Drive app...

Then on a computer, work with the WeVideo Chrome app to edit.  It's going to be best with short clips or just still pictures since it can take some time to upload to Drive.  And WeVideo can be a little slow on uploads and previews too, but it's so easy to pull the clips and photos directly from Drive.  It's great to have all these tools integrated so there's no need for cables or SD cards.

The themes in WeVideo are fun and I like the tone they give a video, much like Instagram or Aviary will give a photo.

Here's an example I made after just taking some quick clips and pictures of my game collection.  The music and old film effects are all part of the theme.  I imagine this as a great classroom project where a student reads her poetry or reflective writing over some appropriate images.  (And I just learned the embed code from a video shared from Drive can be found in the File menu when you open the video.)

(Click here if the embedded video from Drive isn't working on your device.)

And since WeVideo is working from Drive the project can be shared in the editing process.  It's a good time to be alive!

I've got some classes starting next week where I will give this a try with students.

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