Friday, August 17, 2012

My Story - iPad app for digital storytelling

I originally posted this because they were doing a free special for the app.  I see it now is listed for $1.99.

The My Story app reminds me a lot of what I liked about StoryRobe and StoryKit, but it's all combined in one polished app made for iPad.

I have only had a little time to explore it so far, but I wanted to point it out as a useful tool for making a nice ebook.  Pages can diplay a picture and text and narration can be recorded as well.  I could see this being appropriate for any elementary students.  While the secondary students could certainly use it, by that time I'd like to see them doing more with video.

It allows the user to import or take pictures.  Some editing can be done with paint tools, though I found I had to write or draw slowly.  It lagged after making a mark or two.

Narration is simple to record or delete page by page.

The files are in epub format.  I am able to open them easily in iBook on my iPad.  The app itself will display them too.  There are other sharing options, but if you don't have something on your computer to open epub files you'll only get a file you can't view.

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