Saturday, January 21, 2012

Making a Game - How far will an idea go?

I will probably have a few posts in the next week or so that relate more to traditional games and game creation. With so much focus on computer games everywhere else, this may feel out of place. I still find a lot of value in traditional games in the classroom and students still love making traditional games. My career in education and experience with game design and publication have been inseparable. I always used games in the classroom and my students always helped with the vital process of playtesting.

This weekend I posted a video that highlights my experience with one game that has gone far. It traces its path from initial idea to a game that has been played around the world. I often use this story as a kick-off to my game design projects in the classroom.

To keep this brief I had to leave a lot out. Nothing is said about how I used the game in the classroom or how my interactive whiteboard activities continue to spread the idea. I trust this serves its purpose, though, as possible encourage for others who have an idea and want to watch it grow.

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  1. I am a teacher turned inventor. Started with an eraser cap for the white board markers then built a line of kid friendly dry erase products. We are working on interactive games using our KleenSlate Hand-Held dry erase paddles-the marker with eraser fits in the handle. Hollywood also used them in a game during "Chuck". We would love to send you some for review and use with your own games. Just shoot me an e-mail or visit our web site www.kleenslate and we would love your feedback.