Sunday, January 29, 2012

Free Game Giveaway

As mentioned last week, I put an edition of my card game King for a Day up for sale on The Game Crafter. It was previously only available in a cheap black & white edition or as a print-and-play game. With only a few copies out there, it still got some good comments and a review on its page at the Boardgame Geek. I finally decided this year to make a nice color edition with the help of my daughter.

To draw more attention to the project, I'm giving away a free copy. See the details below to enter to win.

The game would be useful in the middle or high school classroom as it requires good communication skills from start to finish. Strategy, negotiation and careful management of resources are also required to play well. After years of playtesting the game with students, I know it goes over well with teens.

I am also featuring the game here to promote The Game Crafter site because I think it can be used for some excellent classroom projects. With some additional time spent on graphics, students can produce very nice copies of their game through the site.

So how can you win? There are three ways to enter and if you enter in multiple ways you get entered multiple times. On February 12, 2012 I will randomly draw one entry from all submitted.
  • If you have a Facebook account, Like the King for a Day Card Game page on Facebook.
  • If you have a Boardgame Geek account, be a fan of the game on its page. (Don't just "Like" it there because I won't know who did it. Click the Become a Fan link in the upper right of the page.)
  • If you want to be notified about what I'm doing or discovering in classroom technology and games, follow this blog by clicking the Join this site button at the right.
If you have already done any of those things, you're already entered even if you don't know it!

I will contact the winner after I randomly select an entry. Once I get a mailing address, I will
order a copy of the game and have it shipped to the address. (Please understand, however, that am restricting the giveaway to continental U.S. addresses only.) This drawing is not affiliated with any sites mentioned above.


  1. I'm very pleased with the attention this game has received since I announced the drawing! If you haven't done so, check out the Facebook page for the game. I have been posting some entertaining and relevant links each day.

  2. I received confirmation from the winner of the drawing, so it's official! Brian Worrell will receive a free copy of King for a Day from The Game Crafter. Thanks again for everyone's interest in the game. Stay tuned in the next few days for an opportunity to pick up a discounted copy.