Monday, February 27, 2012

Game Design and Ecosystems - Storyboards

I based the storyboard portion of our project this lesson by Kevin Hodgson posted at the Gamestar Mechanic Teacher portion of the site.

My prior experience has been that students resist planning the games and that's what Mr. Hodgson stated in the lesson as well. I was pleasantly surprised to see the girls in this class enjoying the storyboarding process. As I reported previously, there were no complaints!

To start the lesson, I showed them the examples from lesson above and I gave them one example I made based specifically on the ecosystem games. I posted these directions and had them get to work:

For each level in your game, make a storyboard. Each one must include:
  • The level number and title
  • Whether it is a top down or platform level
  • An explanation of the goal
  • The types of enemies that the hero will encounter
  • Where the hero starts
  • Where points and the goal marker will be
  • A picture that maps out the entire level
Here are some examples from our class.

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