Thursday, September 27, 2012

GIMP Photo Editing and Graphic Design Lessons for High School and Middle School

I posted some links to my GIMP tutorials recently.  Here are the assignment PDFs that I gave the students.  These, along with the tutorials linked to below, provide a nice introduction to the program.  It was a great improvement over how we started last year.

The assignments might have different names, but these are the topics 
All of the tutorials for these lessons can be found in this post.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

GIMP Tutorials - Lessons for photo editing in high school and middle school

I have been very busy in and out of the classroom so far this new school year.  My favorite part has been the time I've spent with Digital Media courses at our high school and middle school.  Somehow they managed to schedule both classes at the same time of the day!  Since I can't physically be at both of them I have been using video tutorials as one way to assist the classroom teacher and instruct the students.

First, here are the related lessons.

Below you'll find the tutorials for GIMP, a free image editing program.  I hope these could be useful to anyone who might be "flipping" a tech course or possibly for an online course.

Update 10/4/2013:  I posted the most popular tutorials on YouTube and have them in this Playlist now.
  • Introduction to GIMP - Brief explanation of what the program is like, how to navigate the multiple windows and how to open files
  • Saving files in GIMP - Some of this is specific to our network, but I talk about saving as jpeg.
  • Paint Brush and Clone Tools - I explain how to use the Paint Brush as a line tool and how to erase parts of pictures using the Clone Tool.
  • Drawing with the Selection Tools - GIMP doesn't have a tool to draw shapes, for example, but this shows how it can be used to accomplish the same thing.
  • Using Layers in GIMP - This is probably the best feature of GIMP and the one students have the hardest time with. 
  • Using the Text Tool in GIMP - Text in GIMP is pretty easy, but students need to understand Layers first.
  • Combining Images in GIMP - This shows how to take parts of one image and paste it into another for simple special effects.
  • Neon Logo Tutorial - My version of a popular logo effect that I learned from a couple YouTube tutorials
And here's a quick talk about learning software in general.  I address the difference between learning the software and learning how to learn new software.

Monday, September 10, 2012

New Math Game for ActivInspire - Factor Duel

I am trying something new with this fun math class presentation game for ActivInspire.  I made the game using Stencyl and embedded the Flash file in the flipchart.  The flash version is below too.

Also, be sure to check out my Quadratic Formula Video!

You can download the flipchart from here on Promethean Planet.

It was created with interactive whiteboards in mind, but two people can compete at one computer if they pass the mouse back and forth.  You can find it on the Stencyl Arcade here.

If you're just interested in seeing the Flash file, it's here:  Factor Duel

It is based on the game Juniper Green.  I actually never played that one with my students, but I was introduced to it early in my career by another teacher who claimed it was very popular in his classes.  I always wanted to create a more lively computer version that checked the students' moves.  I think this one accomplishes that well, but I noticed it can be sluggish on older systems.

In the way of credits, I created all the graphics, music and the game logic.  Some sounds were built from files I found at